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Naughty Boy finally reveals what its upcoming pre-workout will look like

naughty boy pre-workout

The upcoming supplement company Naughty Boy that is due to launch in the UK later this month, has unveiled its first product. The brand already revealed the full formula behind the supplement a few days ago, although it is just this week that we’ve got an image confirming how it is going to look.

Like most newcomers to the market, Naughty Boy’s first product is a pre-workout with a transparent and promising mix of ingredients. It includes highlights such as 2g of GlycerSize glycerol for pumps, juglans regia for energy and focus, 350mg of caffeine, and the more stable AlphaZone alpha-GPC.

You can see the first look at Naughty Boy’s pre-workout in the picture above, which is similar to its logo and marketing with a very fun, colorful, and modern type branding. The UK company has also named the flavors the supplement is set to release in with Pineapple OG and Blue Strawberry.

As far as we know, Naughty Boy and its pre-workout are still due to hit the market later this month. Being a UK brand, the product will be available in that area to start with the usual 30 servings per tub.

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