Olympus stimulant pre-workout Levels shows up in stores down under

Nov 1st, 2019
olympus lyfestyle levels

Just like No Mercy, Levels is a supplement Olympus Lyfestyle previewed earlier this year when it was still known as Olympus Labs. Levels is a stimulant powered pre-workout that was not included in this week’s launch on Bodybuilding.com; however, it is already available from several international retailers.

The likes of Rock Hard Supplements in Australia is now stocking Olympus Lyfestyle’s Levels alongside its stim-free pre-workout No Mercy and fat burner Jump! It comes with 20 maximum servings per tub; has three flavors to choose from in Miss Tease, Boujee Melon, and Green Apple; and costs $69.95 AUD (48.25 USD).

As for the formula behind Levels, it is exactly the same as what was previewed earlier this year, although at that time it had a very different look to what it has under Olympus Lyfestyle. Highlights from the Levels formula include 5g of pure citrulline per serving with 260mg of Dynamine, 2g of GlycerPump, and 300mg of caffeine.