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Two new flavors potentially on the way for Kill Cliff’s CBD beverage

two new flavors kill cliff cbd beverage

Back in July, the beverage brand Kill Cliff launched a unique new product with its hemp-infused CBD Recovery Drink packing 25mg of CBD per can. Since it initially hit the market, the beverage has only been available in the one flavor option with the subtle citrusy creation, Orange Kush.

This week Kill Cliff has shared a teaser suggesting that Orange Kush won’t be the CBD Recovery Drink’s only option for long. In the brand’s teaser, there are three cans, with the middle one clearly being the original Orange Kush. As for the other two, they appear to be new flavors of the hemp beverage.

From what we can make out, one of the new tastes is a pink or purple color, while the other is a lighter orange than Orange Kush and features a variety of fruits. While we don’t have a lot of details right now, it definitely looks like some excitement is on the way for the Kill Cliff CBD Recovery Drink.

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