Body Attack Protein Bites Review: Rich chocolate but light peanut butter

Dec 10th, 2019
body attack protein bites review

As soon as we read about Body Attack’s unique protein treat, Protein Bites, we were extremely intrigued. It wasn’t just the fact that it combines chocolate and peanut butter, but its unique format. It comes with three peanut-shaped, bite-sized pieces per box, each featuring a soft peanut butter center wrapped in chocolate.

Another interesting highlight for Body Attack’s Protein Bites is its nutrition profile, which is not too bad. Each piece provides 4.8g of protein with 6.7g of carbohydrates, half a gram of sugar, 3.7g of fat, and 79 calories. That means if you throw down the whole box you get 14.4g of protein for 237 calories, with only 1.5g of sugar.

body attack protein bites review


Body Attack’s newest protein snack is a very sweet and rich chocolate treat. Its outer layer of chocolate is quite thick, but still easy to sink your teeth into and bite through. Not too surprisingly considering the chocolate layer is so thick, the taste that it provides essentially dominates the experience with very little peanut butter flavor.

On the inside there is a peanut butter center as described, that you slice through with each bite, although as we mentioned, you don’t get a lot of peanut taste from it. You do get some hints of it here and there, however that rich chocolate flavor easily overpowers it and is what rules the Protein Bites experience from start to finish.

body attack protein bites review

It is also worth mentioning that the chocolate taste in Body Attack’s Protein Bites is much the same as other protein snacks made with a good amount of the sweetener maltitol. The chocolate flavor is not as sweet as the real thing, but seeing as you’re only eating half a gram of sugar per piece, it’s quite an impressive treat overall.


Considering Protein Bites is the first product we’ve ever tried from the Germany-based Body Attack, we’ll likely be back for more. The brand did a solid job on this, coming up with a great balance of flavor and macros. While we would’ve preferred a stronger peanut butter flavor, it’s still enjoyable and feels like a lot more sugar than it says.

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