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Bombbar introduces its high protein and cream-filled Chika Biscuit

bombbar chika biscuit

The Russian brand Bombbar has followed up the release of its chocolate-coated protein bar with another new product for Chikalab, its functional food line. In the months that we’ve been following Chikalab, it has put out some truly creative and enjoyable snacks and treats, with its latest effort looking to continue that.

Now available from Bombbar’s Chikalab is the crumbly, tasty-looking, and unique Chika Biscuit, which is a pair of cream-filled sponge cookies. Inside each wrapper of Chika Biscuit are two soft cookies infused with whey and milk protein and featuring a flavor-filled cream center.

The exciting new product comes in three different flavors, each of them having a different layer of flavored cream jammed into the center. The options for Bombbar’s Chika Biscuit are Cappuccino with a white chocolate filling, Danish Biscuit with a milk chocolate cream in the middle, and Peanut with salted caramel cream.

bombbar chika biscuit

Despite how delicious Bombbar’s latest Chikalab creation looks, the macros on each flavor of the Chika Biscuit are not too bad. Packed into each pair of cookies that come in a single packet, you get 15g of protein, 2.1g of carbohydrates, 15.5g of fiber, then depending on the flavor, 7.7 to 8.2g of fat, and between 169 to 172 calories.

The first place fans of Bombbar and its functional food line Chikalab, can grab the new Chika Biscuit, is the brand’s own online store. The product is extremely well priced at 630₽ (10.08 USD) for a box of nine, which works out to just $1.12 each. There is also a variety pack with three of each flavor for the same price.