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Core shares a lot more information on its most powerful Core Fury to date

core fury platinum

Core Nutritionals has revealed a lot more information on its powerful and promising new pre-workout, which was initially referred to as Core Fury Platinum. The upcoming supplement is actually going to be named just “Core Fury”, and it will be the first product to feature the brand’s fresh, modern, and exciting new look for 2020.

Other confirmed details include three of the supplement’s flavors with the tropical concoction Tropic Thunder, the blackberry lemonade recipe Black Lightning, and the cherry Starburst-like Cherry Burst. Core has also revealed the date the pre-workout is expected to arrive, which is just over two weeks from now on January 13th.

As for the actual performance and benefits of the Core Nutritionals product, it is apparently going to be the brand’s most powerful pre-workout to date. Compared to Core’s current competitor in the saturated category with Core Fury X, the new Core Fury is said to provide a more intense combination of energy and focus.

Once again, Core Nutritionals is currently aiming to unleash its promising new Core Fury next month on Monday the 13th. We suspect the rest of the pre-workout’s information, including ingredients and dosages, to be shared sometime between now and then.