Get a handful of FBOMB nut butter sachets free at HEB with KetoLogic

Dec 27th, 2019
ketologic and fbomb heb deal

The ketogenic brand KetoLogic has teamed up with the Texas-based grocer HEB for an exclusive promotion. If you’re a fan of the brand or currently on a ketogenic diet, this promotion is definitely for you, more so if you’re also a fan of KetoLogic’s sister company FBOMB and its delicious ready to go nut butter.

Basically, the HEB promotion gets you four packets of FBOMB’s on-the-go nut butter for any product purchased from KetoLogic. If you’re new to FBOMB, it pays to know that its nut butter comes in some creative and tasty flavors such as Salted Chocolate Macadamia and Macadamia Pecan with Sea Salt Nut Butter.

If the KetoLogic and FBOMB HEB exclusive deal sounds of any interest to you, head along to your local store and get in on the action. Some of the brand’s products are also not all that expensive, with the likes of Keto Meal and Keto BHB being as low as $22.98 per tub.

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