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Fans of NTel get an extremely limited Arez Super for Christmas

ntel nutra sleigher arez super

NTel Nutra is giving fans potentially the best present it can for Christmas with the release of another limited-edition flavor of its powerful pre-workout Arez Super. Similar to the brand’s last limited option with Slime, this one does feature a more intense formula compared to the regular version.

The name of the upcoming flavor of NTel Nutra’s Arez Super goes perfectly with the festive season in Sleigher. Fortunately, the brand has provided a short description of what Sleigher actually tastes, saying its a rather intriguing candy apple flavor.

As mentioned, the Sleigher Arez Super features the slightly different formula that NTel Nutra introduced with its limited-edition Slime Arez Super from two months ago. The product’s key differences include no eria jarensis or yohimbine HCl, the addition of theobromine and NO3-T betaine nitrate, and more alpha yohimbine.

You can now pre-order NTel Nutra’s Sleigher Arez Super through its online store at a price of $39.99 or $34 for Stack3d Insiders, with 21 full servings tub. Fans of the brand will want to jump on this as soon as possible, as it is NTel Nutra’s most limited release to date, with only 500 units produced.

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