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Seasonal Mint Chocolate Chip peanut butter from Nuts ‘N More is back

nuts n more mint chocolate chip

The nut butter company Nuts ‘N More has brought back the limited edition product it dropped around this time last year, for its protein-infused, peanut-based spread. The functional brand’s returning release that’s arrived in time for the holiday season is the tasty mint creation, Mint Chocolate Chip.

While Nuts ‘N More’s limited time Mint Chocolate Chip high-protein nut butter does have a slightly different look this year, it still comes with all of the same macros. A typical two-tablespoon serving of the special edition product provides 11g of protein with 10g each of fat and carbohydrates, and 179 calories.

You can grab Nuts ‘N More’s returning Mint Chocolate Chip protein infused peanut butter from its website at its usual nut butter price of $12.99 for a 1lb jar.