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One Pro delivers taste and texture with its vegan-friendly protein bar

one pro nutrition protein bar

One Pro Nutrition is an athlete and performance-driven supplement company out of the UK that has just entered the protein bar market in a big way. Outside of its recently released protein snack, the brand has four products available with a collagen and whey powered protein powder, as well as a hydration boosting formula in various formats.

As mentioned, One Pro Nutrition has launched a protein bar, which it is introducing to visitors of this year’s Dubai Muscle Show at its booth. We said that the UK brand has entered the growing bar space in a big way, and by that, we mean it has put together quite an impressive product considering what kind of bar it is.

one pro nutrition protein bar

One Pro Nutrition’s latest effort is a naturally flavored, vegan-friendly protein bar; however, it tastes far better than any other vegan style snack we’ve tried. The product is somewhat lean considering it’s vegan-friendly packing 17g of protein, 11 to 12g of fat, 8g of carbohydrates with 4g or less sugar, and a calorie count of 223.

As mentioned, the overall taste and texture of One Pro Nutrition’s vegan protein bar is extremely impressive. It is a chocolate-coated snack with that outer layer providing a good amount of realistic, rich chocolate sweetness. Once you bite through that chocolate and into the center, that’s where the protein bar sets itself apart from the competition.

one pro nutrition protein bar

Instead of being chewy, doughy, or tough with an earthy, plant-based aftertaste; One Pro Nutrition’s bar has a breakable, crumbly center that is full of flavor. The product’s two options Peanut & Cacao and Raspberry & Chocolate, more than deliver on both sides of their titles.

One Pro Nutrition’s Peanut & Cacao protein bar features a delicious mix of chocolate and peanut that make for another enjoyable take on the classic combination. Raspberry & Chocolate is easily our favorite of the two, mostly because it comes with a strong raspberry taste that pairs very nicely with the crumbly, consistency of the snack.