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X50 revamps its hybrid pre-workout Showtime in time for Christmas

x50 revamped showtime thermoshred

In two weeks, X50’s hybrid pre-workout Showtime Thermoshred is being relaunched with a few new features. The Australian brand’s supplement initially hit the market about one and a half years ago, early last year, with a fully transparent combination of pre-workout and weight loss ingredients.

Later this month, just in time for Christmas, X50 is introducing a revamped Showtime Thermoshred that brings with it a fresh and colorful new look. The product’s three original flavors Sour Gummy, Pineapple Mango, and Strawberry Kiwi have also been improved, as well as joined by an all-new Raspberry option.

On the formula side, X50’s updated Showtime Thermoshred is going to feature all of the same ingredients, but with twice as much synephrine for an even better experience. Once again, the new Showtime Thermoshred is dropping in two weeks, so be on the lookout for it in Australia, around the week of the 16th.