CT Fletcher joins the Ambrosia Collective as a fully fledged partner

Jan 17th, 2020
ambrosia collective welcomes ct fletcher

The Ambrosia Collective is a unique supplement company put together by Sean Torbati of HPN, Mike Rashid of ImSoAlpha, and Marc Lobliner from MTS, Tiger Fitness, and Outright. The brand has been on the market for several years now and has built quite a strong reputation, with innovative, standout, and most importantly, effective products.

For 2020, the team at Ambrosia has announced its family of three is expanding to four, with the addition of none other than CT Fletcher. The brand is officially welcoming the legendary lifter this week, who will be coming on board as a fully-fledged partner and is going to be involved in all of the company’s decisions just like Torbati, Rashid, and Lobliner.

The Ambrosia Collective promises even bigger things now that CT Fletcher is a part of the team, although as mentioned, the brand is already well respected. Whenever it launches something new, it’s almost a guarantee it’ll be interesting, effective, or both, so as always, we look forward to seeing what the future brings for the brand.

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