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Polish manufacturer begins offering unique snacks and foods to US brands

amerpharma opening up to us brands

AmerPharma is a manufacturer based in Poland that specializes in snacks and functional foods. For the new decade, AmerPharma is looking to expand its client base and work with companies in the US. It has set up a warehouse in Las Vegas, where it will be bringing in and offering its products out of.

The Polish snacking and supplement manufacturer will take care of everything involving shipping, importing into the country, and customs. The types of products AmerPharma can produce are very different from what you typically see from brands in the US, so it’ll be a great way to differentiate and stand out.

Some examples of the products AmerPharma can make include zero-calorie sauces and flavor drops, high protein spreads, and protein-packed chocolate blocks. Those products are fairly common in Europe with AmerPharma actually being responsible for some of the ones we’ve shared here at Stack3d.

Any brands or individuals interested in getting more information on AmerPharma and its offerings, you can reach out to the company through it’s website.