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Barebells unveils a new Banana Split flavor for its delicious protein shake

barebells banana split milkshake

Barebells has announced the all-new flavor of its delicious ready-to-drink protein shake ‘Milkshake’, that was only just teased yesterday. Based on the colors and many flavors the Swedish brand already had available for the product, we guessed the mysterious new option to be the classic combination of chocolate and banana.

The newest addition to Barebells’ top-tasting Milkshake is indeed the flavor we guessed with the clash of chocolate and banana appropriately named Banana Split. The flavor comes with the same amount of protein as Milkshake’s seven other options with 24g per bottle alongside a low amount of carbs and fat, and no added sugar.

Barebells’ Banana Split Milkshake is due to start showing up in stores and on shelves all across Sweden from this week, with a regular retail price of SEK 29 (3.07 USD) a bottle.

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