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Barebells hints at a chocolate and banana flavor for its delicious protein RTD

chocolate banana barebells milkshake

Barebells’ Milkshake is easily the best tasting on-the-go protein shake we’ve ever tried, being true to its name and delivering a delicious milkshake-like experience. The product comes in a great selection of flavors, including your usual Chocolate and Vanilla, as well as more exotic options such as Forest Fruit and Peach Passion.

The Sweden-based Barebells is now teasing another addition to its Milkshake menu, which we have to imagine is going to be another great tasting flavor. The brand’s preview of the upcoming product shows it has a brown and yellow color scheme, that has us thinking we’re in for a mix of two tastes it already has available in chocolate and banana.

Barebells usually only takes a couple of days to reveal products after teasing them, so expect to see a confirmation on what its next Milkshake flavor is very soon.

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