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Gainomax reveals and releases its protein bar in a new Chokladboll flavor

gainomax chokladboll protein bar

As promised, to start the fourth week of 2020, the Swedish functional company Gainomax has launched a new flavor for its regular protein bar. The flavor is Chokladboll — translated to Chocolate Ball — which is actually a popular pastry treat in Denmark and Sweden made of oatmeal, cocoa, sugar, and coconut.

Gainomax’s chocolate and coconut Chokladboll protein bar provides a reasonable 18g of protein per piece with 25g of carbohydrates, a high 19g of sugar, 8.5g of fat, and 250 calories. The release is the brand’s seventh flavor for the protein bar, with some of its other creative options being Blueberry and Fudge Sea Salt.

Once again, Gainomax’s Chokladboll protein bar is available starting this week, so fans in Sweden can look forward to seeing it in stores soon if not already.

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