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Ghost announces its support for the Wildlife Conservancy and NSW RFS

ghost australia bushfire support

Ghost has announced that all of the profits from its Australian online store during the month of January, are going to be donated to support the disastrous bushfires that are still burning in Australia. The lifestyle supplement company will be taking 100% of its proceeds and giving them to the Wildlife Conservancy.

In addition to the above, Ghost is donating the global proceeds from its upcoming Apparel Of The Month collection for January, to the NSW Rural Fire Service. That limited-edition line of clothing is due to drop later this month. It will be made up of various pieces of apparel in support of the many firefighters battling the wildfires in New South Wales.

Once again, the website to visit to buy directly from Ghost within Australia is As for the brand’s Apparel Of The Month collection for January, that is expected to arrive within the next few weeks, and by the sounds of things, it is going to be available worldwide.