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Popular functional brand HealthyCo gets into the protein bar market

healthyco proteinella protein bar

The Swedish functional food brand HealthyCo, mostly known for its delicious, protein-enriched, and no added sugar spread Proteinella, has launched its first-ever protein bar under that same name. The Proteinella Protein Bar is a rather small snack weighing just 35g a piece, similar to our second favorite bar in the world, the Pandy Candy Bar.

HealthyCo’s entry into the more traditional protein bar category is made with no added sugar, just like the Proteinella spread. It also has no palm oil and provides a fairly light 6.2g of protein, but again, the bar itself is quite light. The rest of its nutrition profile consists of 15g of carbohydrates with just 3.1g of that sugar, 7.2g of fat, and 140 calories.

Those macros above are for the Proteinella Protein Bar’s Hazelnut & Chocolate flavor. The product does have one other option in White Chocolate, which is marginally more calorie-dense with a higher amount of carbs, slightly less sugar and fat, about the same protein, giving it a total of ten more calories at 150.

HealthyCo’s Proteinella Protein Bar is now out and available from health and supplement stores in the brand’s local Swedish market. One of the many retailers already stocking the protein snack is Protein Bolaget (The Protein Company), with individual bars priced at 19kr (2.03 USD) each and boxes of 20 with the same cost per bar at 380kr (40.59 USD).