DVST8 BBD relaunching next month with a tweaked formula and more flavors

Jan 23rd, 2020
dvst8 bbd

Next month, Inspired is relaunching its intense, Australian exclusive pre-workout DVST8 BBD with a few tweaks to its formula and two more flavors to choose from. The well put together supplement still intends to deliver a well-rounded pre-workout experience with ingredients for energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, and more.

Regarding Inspired’s new DVST8 BBD formula, you get all of the same ingredients and dosages except for two. Our Brand Of The Year for 2019 has removed eria jarensis and hordenine but added KannaEase. All of the product’s other features are the same, including 6g of citrulline, 375mg of caffeine, and 250mg of English walnut.

As for the menu of the updated DVST8 BBD, it is hitting Australian stores next month in its original three flavors; Concord Candy, Laguna Sunrise, and Northern Lights. A month later in March is when Inspired is introducing the new tastes for the supplement, which are the sweet-sounding Candy Cloud and the mysterious Black Nebula.

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