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Korean BBQ Protein Stix becomes a reality after being voted on in 2019

iwon organics korea bbq protein stix

Fans of iWon Organics may remember that last year, the brand started taking votes on either a new flavor of its crunchy Protein Puffs or tasty Protein Stix. There were four possible products you could vote on including Apple Fritter or Dill Pickle for Protein Puffs, and Sea Salt & Vinegar or Korean BBQ for Protein Stix.

This week, iWon Organics has launched one of those four with the product we voted for in Korea BBQ Protein Stix. The brand describes the newest taste of its on-the-go snack as a spicy and crunchy creation that’ll remind you of your favorite Korean food, but with 10g of protein, 180 calories, and made with a plant-based formula.

You can grab iWon Organics’ Korean BBQ Protein Stix starting today from its website at its regular price of $23.92 for a box of eight bags. You can also head to this link here, enter your shipping information, and get a free bag of the product sent straight to your door, although only if you’re one the first couple of hundred to sign up.