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Mars and Snickers HiProtein Review: Improved but still not candy bar-like

When Mars released its first Mars Bar protein powder back in 2017, we mentioned that it wasn’t quite the candy bar taste we expected, although it wasn’t a bad first attempt. There were definitely areas it could improve on, mostly with the flavor and actually getting it to taste like a Mars Bar rather than a regular chocolate caramel protein.

Two years later, Mars launched its second Mars Bar protein powder with Mars HiProtein as well as a Snickers themed Snickers HiProtein. We’ve finally managed to get our hands on both of the products as we were eager to see if things are any different compared to that original, and find out how close to a Snickers Bar the Snickers protein powder is.

snickers hiprotein review


Starting with Mars HiProtein, we can definitely say the brand has done a much better job the second time around. With slightly less water than usual, Mars has managed to create a smooth mix of chocolate and caramel. Both sides of the flavor are fairly subtle, so you get a nice mix of the two blended together, rather than one standing above the other.

The product still doesn’t feature any sweetness or standout flavor that has you immediately thinking of a Mars Bar, but it is better than the original. A richer chocolate taste or even a sweeter caramel is needed on this one, just something that bridges the gap between a candy bar and protein powder to make it seem closer to the real thing.

mars hiprotein review

As for Snickers HiProtein, it is along the same lines as Mars HiProtein. You get a smooth and subtle mix of chocolate, caramel, and peanut, although we will say the peanut can be challenging to notice. Snickers HiProtein actually feels a lot like the Mars protein powder, but with a touch of nutty flavor in an attempt to give it that Snickers feel.

Snickers HiProtein does have some of the same downsides as Mars HiProtein, in that it is missing that candy bar connection. While the taste of either isn’t bad, and again, better than that original Mars protein powder, they can still pass as a chocolate and caramel or chocolate caramel and peanut flavor for a non-candy bar protein.

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