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Reign is coming out with an all-new thermogenic infused energy drink

reign inferno energy drink

Reign Inferno is an all-new energy drink coming soon from the brand behind the growing and great-tasting energy drink, Reign Total Body Fuel. The product promotes itself as a thermogenic beverage and will feature a lot of the same ingredients as the original Reign, including BCAAs, B vitamins, and electrolytes.

The upcoming Reign Inferno energy drink is going to be a high-energy product, packing a strong 300mg of caffeine per can like RAZE and the popular Bang. The second beverage from Reign is due to arrive in three flavor options with True Blu, and two more creative efforts in Red Dragon and Jalapeno Strawberry.

From what we can see, the thermogenic infused energy drink is expected to be out and available in stores, later this month. We’re definitely interested to see how good this one tastes, especially since we enjoyed all of the flavors of the original Reign Total Body Fuel we’ve tried, and rate them right up there with some of the best.