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Reign adds carnitine, green tea and capsicum to its thermogenic energy drink

reign inferno energy drink

Ever since it was announced, we’ve been curious about what ingredients have been added to Reign Inferno to separate it from the original Reign Total Body Fuel. The upcoming product is promoted as a thermogenic beverage that helps burn calories, but like the regular Reign, it still features 300mg of caffeine, coQ10, BCAAs, B vitamins, and electrolytes.

The full list of ingredients in Reign Inferno has now been revealed, and it comes with several compounds you won’t find in Reign Total Body Fuel. Like most energy drinks, Inferno does not list the exact amount of every ingredient you get per can, so we can only gauge based on their place in the “Ingredients” section, as they’re listed heaviest to lightest.

reign inferno energy drink

The features in Reign Inferno that are not in the original Reign include the pre-workout ingredient citrulline and ginseng, both of which are listed higher on the product than caffeine. There are also the common weight loss ingredients that give reason for the “Thermogenic” callout with carnitine l-tartrate, green tea extract, and capsicum oleoresin.

As far as we know, Reign Inferno is due to be out and available later this month. It will be hitting stores in three rather creative flavors with True Blu, Red Dragon, and Jalapeno Strawberry. We have also seen the nutrition profile for the True Blu flavor and can confirm it won’t have zero calories with 3g of carbohydrates per can for a total of 10 calories.