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Barebells looks like it’s coming out with another ice cream stick flavor

barebells another ice cream stick

The great-tasting functional brand Barebells is widely known for its signature Protein Bar, which remains our number one bar on the market. The company does make several other products, including frozen treats with tubs of ice cream, traditional ice cream on a stick, and our top-rated protein snack, the Barebells Ice Cream Bar.

The Swedish brand has now revealed it is coming out with another new flavor or entirely new product, just weeks after introducing its Banana Split Milkshake and Chocolate Dough Protein Bar. Based on the teaser from Barebells, it looks like we’re in for another addition to its ice cream stick as you can see a fraction of a stick.

Seeing as Barebells tends to drop new flavors more than entirely new products, we’re guessing the next release is another flavor of its ice cream stick. While we do prefer the brand’s ice cream bar over the stick, the latter is still a great tasting snack with light ice cream on the inside filled with streaks of flavor and covered in a hard shell.

Over the years, Barebells has brought its ice cream stick to market in several flavors, including Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry Vanilla, Caramel Pecan, and our favorite, Mango Vanilla. While we have no clues on what the next one will be, we’re hoping for a fruity flavor, as that seems to be where the protein treat shines.

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