All of Cellucor’s C4 beverages are just $1 each at GNC through until Monday

Feb 13th, 2020
cellucor c4 dollar deal at gnc

Back in January, around the time we introduced Cellucor’s focus enhanced energy drink, C4 Smart Energy, we mentioned there would be an unmissable sale. That deal starts today, where you can head to the retailer GNC and grab the new superbrain performance fuel for just $1 per can, in any of its four no-sugar and zero-calorie flavors.

It turns out there is a bit more to the incredibly competitive sale as it doesn’t only involve the recently released C4 Smart Energy. That $1 per drink deal that is available at almost 3,000 corporate and 1,000 franchise GNCs, also applies to Cellucor’s original C4 Carbonated and Ultimate Carbonated, as well as C4 and C4 Ultimate On-The-Go.

Basically, if you’re a beverage fan and looking for something to get you going for a workout, study, gaming, or a typical energy boost, you’ll want to head to your local GNC. Once again, the $1 per can deal starts today and ends Monday and is good on all of Cellucor’s beverages at GNC, although there is a limit of six of each item.

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