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Core shares the first look at its comprehensive new version of Core Pump

core pump

Core Nutritionals is one of the busiest brands in the industry right now, with several things going on. Just last week, it launched a new version of its pre-workout Core Fury, which is the first supplement to feature its new branding. That look is being spread across the rest of its lineup, although that process is obviously going to take quite some time.

On top of all of the rebranding, Core Nutritionals is making some changes to several products, as well as introducing some entirely new supplements. One of those products getting some changes is the stimulant-free pre-workout Core Pump, that today, we’ve finally got a full look at in the image above, featuring that crisp new Core branding.

The picture essentially only confirms what the new Core Pump is going to look like, as it doesn’t bring with it any finer details we didn’t already know. For those that haven’t been keeping up, the upcoming Core Pump will be stimulant-free, like the versions before, but this time around, it has been formulated to provide more than just muscle pump benefits.

Core Nutritionals is aiming to make the 2020 edition of Core Pump a much more comprehensive pre-workout promising to deliver enhanced pumps, mental focus, and performance. It is said to be a combination of Core Pump and the brand’s performance pre-workout Core Peak X, making for a well-rounded experience for everything but stimulant powered energy.

The only ingredient that we know for sure is going to be in Core Nutritionals’ new Core Pump is NO3-T nitrates. We also know it won’t clash with Core Fury formula wise, as the brand has designed the two to be used together. More information on Core Pump is due to be shared in the coming weeks, with the launch currently planned for somewhere in April.