FBOMB Snack Bars Review: Rich chocolate taste with a crumbly texture

Feb 19th, 2020
fbomb snack bars

To start the year, the “Fat Is Smart Fuel” brand FBOMB, launched its first-ever bar type product or at least what it calls a bar, with the FBOMB Real-Food Snack Bars. It is a packet of two teardrop-shaped pieces made with nothing artificial and only real food ingredients, providing a nutrition profile that’s high in fat and low in protein and net carbohydrates.


In terms of texture, FBOMB’s Snack Bars are just like what you’d expect something to feel when it’s made with real food ingredients. The product may seem solid and well built in your hand; however, it crumbles as soon as you bite into it. The main body and nuts scattered throughout the snack seamlessly break up in your mouth, taking little effort to chew through.

fbomb snack bars

The taste of the snack is also very real food like, with an earthy and authentic flavor similar to other real food style bars like the MRE Bar and Animal Snak. Its doughy main body packs a rich chocolate taste with a touch of sweet and saltiness, while the crushed hazelnut pieces only really add a subtle nuttiness to the taste, with the chocolate being the star of the show.

As you chew through each bite, you will also notice that even though the doughy part of the FBOMB Snack Bars is easy to chew, it does hang around in your mouth. It’s not off-putting as the taste that comes with it is not too bad, in fact, it’s quite enjoyable, it’s mostly time-consuming as you have to poke around your mouth to clear everything out after you’re done.

fbomb snack bars


FBOMB has indeed done a pretty solid job with its Snack Bars, creating a product that is extremely easy to eat, even more so on-the-go, and it comes with keto-friendly macros. The real food direction gives the snack a healthy and wholesome feel that you don’t get with most other health bars, and its heavy chocolate taste is something you can effortlessly enjoy.

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