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Naughty Boy’s long-awaited SickPump will be up for pre-order next week

naughty boy sickpump

To kick off the New Year, the all-new UK brand Naughty Boy dropped its first supplement with the stimulant pre-workout Menace. Readers may also remember that before dropping that product, the brand previewed a second supplement, although that did not become available alongside Menace at the beginning of the year.

SickPump is Naughty Boy’s other product, which is a stimulant-free pre-workout that focuses more on delivering enhanced pumps than the well-rounded experience of Menace. The brand has now confirmed that SickPump is going to be up for pre-order on Monday of next week in two flavors with Pineapple Chunks and Blue Dream.

To go with the announcement that SickPump is almost in the hands of fans, Naughty Boy has finally revealed what the supplement is going to look like. You can see the pre-workout product for yourself in the image above, where the UK brand keeps things similar to Menace and places its logo, large and right in the middle.

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