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Easy Bar gets a 50% bigger version with 30g of protein in the same two flavors

novo nutrition larger easy bar

Novo Nutrition, out in the UK, who is also the brand behind the top-rated Protein Break, has introduced an all-new size of its Easy Bar. The Easy Bar is Novo Nutrition’s more nutritionally traditional protein snack packing your usual 20g of protein into a soft and sweet 60g bar, with a low amount of sugar at less than 3g, and between 205 to 221 calories.

There is now an even bigger size of Novo Nutrition’s Easy Bar available, exactly 50% bigger in fact, which does, of course, bring with it 50% more macros. The new release weighs in at 90g and provides 30g of protein with 26g of carbohydrates, still low in sugar at under 4g, and a calorie count that’s either 302 or 329, depending on the flavor.

Just like the original Easy Bar, Novo Nutrition’s larger size comes in two tasty flavors with Caramel Cookie Crunch and Chocolate Caramel. The product is available to all of the brand’s usual regions and can already be found in its local UK market, in Europe through its distributor Naskor, and in an all-new part of the world for Novo, that’s just been announced.

The latest country Novo Nutrition has expanded into is Israel through the distributor CT Sports. The company has picked up all of the brand’s top snacks and functional foods, including its delicious Protein Break, Protein Chips, Novo’s original Protein Wafer, and the Easy Bar in both its regular and new 90g size.