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Oatmeal booster Protein4Oats gets flavor #5 in Strawberries and Cream

pescience strawberries and cream protein4oats

To close out 2019, PEScience launched another flavor for its more than two-year-old oatmeal additive, Protein4Oats. The product is made to be mixed with oats for extra flavor as well as protein, boosting it with an additional 15g of protein. Protein4Oats hit the market in three flavors, with the fourth coming back in December, and now this week, we’ve got flavor number five.

PEScience has introduced its convenient and creative Protein4Oats in a classic fruity flavor with Strawberries and Cream. The new release comes with the product’s usual mix of macros, starting with that solid 15g of protein from a blend of milk and whey. The other nutrition numbers are all relatively low with just 2g of sugar and a gram of fat, for a total of 80 calories.

Fans of PEScience can grab the new Strawberries & Cream Protein4Oats starting today from the brand’s online store over at There are two size options to choose from with a single-serving sachet at $1.25, and a full-size 12 serving bag at $14.99. Those of you joined to our Stack3d Insider program can also discount those prices by 15% with your exclusive coupon.