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Revamped ISO Gold’s three new flavors start rolling out into stores

pvl cinnamon toast iso gold

When PVL announced the new version of its long-running and hugely popular protein powder ISO Gold, it confirmed nine different flavors for the supplement. Six of those flavors were options from the previous ISO Gold’s menu and have been on the market for quite some time now, although that hasn’t been the case for the remaining three.

PVL’s other three flavors of the revamped ISO Gold infused with the super probiotic De111, are Banana Cream, a stevia-sweetened Vanilla, and the cereal-themed Cinnamon Toast. While none of those have been on the market for as long as the more familiar six ISO Gold flavors, fans can expect to start seeing them on shelves in the coming weeks.

PVL has confirmed that it finally started rolling out Cinnamon Toast ISO Gold last week, with the natural Vanilla and Banana Cream due to follow in its footsteps next week. The three new protein powder flavors are going to be available in all of the Canadian brand’s usual stores and stockists, so definitely be on the lookout this week and next.

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