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PVL revamps its Gold Series glutamine supplement with even more value

pvl glutamine gold

As you may have heard, the legacy Canadian supplement PVL, relaunched its hugely popular protein powder ISO Gold recently with a new look, more flavors, and a probiotic-infused formula. The brand has now done much the same thing for another one of its Gold Series products, this time for its glutamine supplement, Glutamine Gold.

The revamped product still features the same combination of regular glutamine and l-alanyl-l-glutamine, but in a much bigger tub, more than three times bigger in fact, weighing a huge 1.1kgs. The current version of PVL’s Glutamine Gold has just 70 servings, while that significantly larger 1.1kg has 229, giving fans even better value.

PVL has kept the new Glutamine Gold unflavored to make it easy to mix and stack with other products, and it is remaining exclusive to the Canadian retailer Popeye’s Supplements. Another great feature of the product is that it bears the Informed-Choice tick, which means it’s been tested for banned substances.

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