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Creative Semla flavor for Swedish Supplements’ Slow Casein is back

swedish supplements semla slow casein

Swedish Supplements has relaunched a previously available flavor of its casein protein powder named Slow Casein, which is also an ongoing option for the brand’s Whey Protein Deluxe. The flavor the Swedish company has brought back is not necessarily something you may have heard of in the US, but it is very well known in Sweden.

Now available once again from Swedish Supplements is Semla Slow Casein. Semla is a traditional sweet treat in the brand’s home country as well as others around it, such as Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, and Finland. It is a wheat bun split in two with a milk and almond paste, and whipped cream in the middle, and powdered sugar on top.

As mentioned, Swedish Supplements’ Semla Casein isn’t a completely new product, as it has been available before, although only for a short amount of time. This time around is no different, as the brand’s unique protein flavor has returned for another limited amount of time in Slow Casein’s usual 900g tub size.