Mars introduces a Twix-flavored protein powder in the UK and Europe

Feb 21st, 2020
twix protein powder

In Europe, the candy company Mars has released several snacks and supplements based on its popular candy bars. There are Mars Bar, Bounty, and Snickers protein bars, as well as Mars Bar and Snickers protein powders. Mars has now launched another protein powder themed around a candy bar we had yet to see in the supplement world.

Coming to stores in the UK and Europe is a Twix protein powder, officially named ‘Twix HiProtein Powder’. The product is, of course, based on the Twix candy bar from Mars that features biscuit sticks coated in delicious caramel and milk chocolate. The new supplement does aim to deliver that combination, as it lists exactly those flavors on the outside of its bag.

The formula behind the Twix protein powder is much the same as the Mars HiProtein and Snickers HiProtein Powders from Mars. You get 21g of protein per serving primarily from whey concentrate, with 5g of carbohydrates and 4g of fat for a total of 140 calories.

Mars’ Twix HiProtein Powder is already said to be in stock with the company’s UK distributor Tropicana, so it should be in retailers in the region sooner rather than later. The always reliable Protein Pick and Mix is actually already listing the product as out of stock, in preparation for its arrival, in a 25 serving bag priced at £24.99 (32.27 USD).