Exciting new brand BEAM and its four supplements have arrived

Mar 8th, 2020
beam now available

The exciting new supplement company BEAM is finally available for purchase starting this week, which also reveals just how much the brand and its products are going to cost you. BEAM has made it clear since the beginning that it’s a more premium company, although it’s pricing is not too bad with the items ranging from $33 through to $45.

The lowest-priced supplement in the BEAM lineup is Collagen Peptides at $32.99, then you have 100% Whey Protein and the stimulant powered Pre-Workout at $39.99 each. The fourth product is the brand’s vegan-friendly protein powder simply named ‘Vegan Protein’, which we consider to be the new leader in the category, and it comes at a price of $44.99 per tub.

BEAM does also have apparel and accessories available with a long sleeve and a tank for men, and a cropped hoodie and a scoop tank for women. On the accessory side, there are two shakers to choose from at $12.99 each and an insulated, stainless steel water bottle at $19.99. You can check everything out on the BEAM website at youcanbeam.com.

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