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Chaos and Pain jams just under 5g of actives into its new Cannibal Genius

cannibal genius

After confirming the coming of the supplement earlier in the week, Chaos and Pain has shared the formula behind the all-new version of its focus enhancing product Cannibal Genius. As you’d expect with a hefty, eight-capsule serving size, the new Cannibal Genius is pretty packed out, with a combined total of active ingredients just under 5g at 4.95g.

Like the many versions before it, Chaos and Pain’s 2020 edition of Cannibal Genius comes with a formula for enhanced mental focus and cognition. It is also a caffeinated supplement with the stimulant dosed quite highly at 300mg per serving, so if you’re used to a more moderate amount of caffeine, you probably won’t want to start with the full serving.

cannibal genius

Outside of the caffeine, Chaos and Pain’s upcoming Cannibal Genius includes seven other transparent ingredients with heavy highlights such as 2g of tyrosine, and 600mg each of alpha-GPC and lion’s mane. Filling out the rest of the product’s formula is 300mg of bacopa, 450mg of rhodiola, 200mg of theanine, and half a gram of beta-phenethylamine.

As previously confirmed, Chaos and Pain’s latest Cannibal Genius is due to be available within the next week or two. You’ll be able to pick it up directly from the brand’s online store, and knowing Chaos and Pain, there is a good chance it’ll have some sort of introductory deal at launch.