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Reformulated Cannibal Genius arrives with discounted bulk and bundle options

chaos and pain cannibal genius launch

The long-awaited return of Chaos and Pain’s nootropic supplement Cannibal Genius is here, with the product featuring a fresh new formula for enhanced energy and mental focus. The brand is giving fans a chance to purchase the renewed product at a discount with a bulk option as well as a fully-loaded bundle offering a hefty 40% off everything included.

Chaos and Pain’s 2020 Cannibal Genius is available at $49.99 for a single 30 serving tub, or if you grab two, you can save 20% and get the supplements at $40 each. As mentioned, there is also a stack with the Mother Of Nootropics Bundle featuring Cannibal Genius, the brand’s mood enhanced Bacchus, the gaming formula Aggro, a tee, a shaker, and a hat.

Separately, all of the supplements in Chaos and Pain’s Mother Of Nootropics Bundle would cost you $134.97, and that’s not including the clothing and accessories. The price on the nootropic stack is, however, $109.99, with no coupon code required for either the bulk or bundle deals, which are both exclusively available at