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Chaos and Pain adds a bit of energy and focus to its goBHB-based supplement

chaos and pain keto

It turns out, an all-new version of the focus supplement Cannibal Genius, is not all Chaos and Pain has coming down the pipeline. Alongside the 2020 edition of Cannibal Genius is a ketone powered product from the long-running company, although while ketones are a major part of the supplement, there is a bit more to it.

Chaos and Pain’s upcoming and simply named ‘Keto’ comes with a solid 11.7g of goBHB ketones for fuel and to support performance. As mentioned, they’re not the only feature of the product, with the brand throwing in a few other ingredients to make it a more multi-benefit, energy and mental focus infused ketone supplement.

chaos and pain keto

On top of the 11.7g of goBHB ketones, Chaos and Pain’s Keto comes with a reasonable 250mg of caffeine to increase energy. There is also the nootropic ingredient lion’s mane, included at a reliable 600mg per serving, then to round out the combination there is 34mg of theanine. Those extra ingredients basically turned what could’ve been a fairly straightforward product into something more functional.

There is no exact launch date or timeframe for Chaos and Pain’s Keto, only that it is coming soon and will be available in an Orange-flavored powder with 15 servings per tub. We do know that the brand is dropping Cannibal Genius before Keto, which is still due to launch through the online store at within the next week.