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Ladder combines carbs and electrolytes in its first new product since launch

ladder hydration

Ladder has just launched its first new supplement since it initially hit the market near the end of 2018 with a whey protein, vegan protein, pre-workout, and a greens formula. The product joining the brand’s family this week is another sports-type supplement in ‘Ladder Hydration’, which is designed to help with hydration as well as performance.

The product includes several premium, branded vitamins and minerals such as Albion magnesium, VitaShine vitamin D, DimaCal calcium, and TRAACS zinc. It also comes with 430mg of pure ocean sea salt and 15g of dextrose as a reliable carbohydrate source, with everything coming together to support, as mentioned, hydration and high-performance.

You can purchase Ladder’s Hydration starting today through its online store in the one Lemon Lime flavor, with two formats, just like most of the brand’s other supplements. You can get the hydration formula in single-serve stick packs in groups of 15, 30, and 45, or a more traditional bag with 30 servings; with the 45 stick packs being the best value.