Gaming version of USN’s high-energy Spike X300 drink hits the market

Mar 25th, 2020
usn gaming qhush spike x300

Spike X300 is a high powered energy drink from USN, available in its home country of South Africa, and packing a strong 300mg of caffeine per can. To make the product more than just a caffeinated beverage, the brand has packed it with half a gram of carnitine, a gram of taurine, zero sugar, ginseng, B vitamins, and choline bitartrate to support mental focus.

Last year, USN released Spike X300 in a special edition “It’s The Qhush” flavor, put together in partnership with the South African football club, the Orlando Pirates. In the months following the launch of that product, the brand dropped an alternatively branded Red Fury Qhush Spike X300, promising a different flavor experience to the original.

usn gaming qhush spike x300

USN has now released another version and flavor of its Qhush Spike X300, and this time it has a full-on gaming theme to it. The product still features 300mg of caffeine, taurine, and no sugar, as well as vitamin C and theanine for cognition. The drink is referred to as the “Gaming Qhush Spike X300”, and it stands out with a vibrant neon blue and pink theme wrapped around its can.

USN’s newest Qhush Spike X300 is very clearly targeting the gaming community on this one, although just like the two versions of Qhush before it; the product is fitting for anyone after an anytime mind and body boost. The brand’s great-looking new energy drink is available in South Africa through the major pharmacy chain Dis-Chem.