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Chaos Crew gets ready to jump into the testosterone boosting market

chaos crew alpha test booster

The UK’s Chaos Crew was quite a busy brand in the early stages of the year, introducing three all-new supplements with Glycer Swell, Pumping Aminos, and the appetite control formula Suppress. This week, Chaos Crew is confirming another entirely new product, introducing the obviously named testosterone booster, Alpha Test Booster.

The brand is looking to launch Alpha Test Booster within the next couple of weeks over in the UK and Europe. We’re not sure about its price, but it will come with the usual amount of servings per bottle at 30, to get you through a full month. The brand’s online store is going to be the first place stocking the supplement, which you can visit at

chaos crew alpha test booster

As for the formula behind Alpha Test Booster, Chaos Crew has kept everything fully transparent, listing each ingredient with its exact dosage per serving. Those ingredients are zinc, vitamin D3, boron, urtica dioica, Malayasian ginseng, and DIM, with a few branded features also in the mix in TestoSurge fenugreek, PrimaVie shilajit, and KSM-66 ashwagandha.

Once again, Chaos Crew is looking to launch Alpha Test Booster, which is also its first-ever testosterone booster, within the next couple of weeks, so those in the UK and Europe will want to be on the lookout.