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eFlow looks to be following up its first GDA with an intense pre-workout

eflow nutrition mystery pre workout

eFlow Nutrition is already on to teasing its next big supplement release, just a couple of weeks after launching its first-ever glucose disposal agent, simply named ‘GDA’. For its latest product, the brand is keeping a lot of its details under wraps; in fact, its first teaser for the upcoming supplement reveals only two small pieces of information.

What we know for sure about the upcoming eFlow Nutrition product is that it features ingredients to increase energy and enhance muscle pumps. We don’t know what any of those ingredients are, although almost every time those effects come together, it’s for a pre-workout, which is what we suspect the brand has coming down the pipeline.

The way eFlow Nutrition is teasing its mysterious and potential pre-workout, suggests that whatever it has on the way, is something worth hyping and getting excited about. Pre-workouts are almost always exciting, which only further hints at that type of supplement coming soon, so if you’re an eFlow fan, be sure to stay tuned for more details.