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Cookie-like Carb Killa Biscuit relaunches in the US through Grenade’s website

grenade carb killa cookie

The Carb Killa Biscuit is a unique protein snack from Grenade, which is essentially a crunchy and crumbly cookie covered in delicious chocolate and available in two flavors. The product hit the market in the UK and Europe back at the end of 2018, then finally became available in the US exclusively at the Vitamin Shoppe in December of last year.

This week Grenade is giving its tasty and memorable Carb Killa Biscuit a relaunch of sorts, in the US, by making it available directly through its online store at The brand also now includes “Protein Cookie” on the snack’s packaging and refers to it as the Carb Killa Cookie and, which does make sense, as ‘biscuits’ are more of a European thing.

To be clear, the Carb Killa Cookie is the same thing as the Carb Killa Biscuit, featuring the same macros, crumbly cookie consistency, and deliciously sweet chocolate. The product has been made available on in its original two flavors Double Chocolate and Salted Caramel, and is $24.99 for a box of 12 packs, with two cookies in each.

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