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All-new Veego gets ready to take on the plant-protein market with a powder and bar

veego plant protein powder

Veego is an all-new, natural and plant-based brand that is due to hit the market later this month with two products in Veego Plant Protein and the Veego Plant Protein Bar. The names of both items are fairly obvious, with the former being a protein powder made using plant-based protein, and the latter a high protein bar with a blend of plant proteins and whole-food ingredients.

The protein powder from Veego is coming in four stevia-sweetened flavor options with Rich Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Creamy Vanilla, and Choc Peanut Butter. They all provide a reasonable 24g of protein per serving from a blend of organic protein sources starting with pea isolate, then hemp, watermelon seed, and brown rice protein.

As for the Veego Plant Protein Bar, that relies on just pea and rice protein for its 11g of protein per bar. There are, of course, other ingredients in the bar outside of the sources of protein, although they vary from flavor to flavor. The product’s other macros include 15.5g of carbohydrates with 9.3 to 9.8g of that sugar, between 11 and 13g of fat, and 213 to 221 calories.

veego plant protein bar

Veego’s on-the-go Plant Protein Bar will be hitting stores in three flavors, and as mentioned, each features a slightly different set of ingredients. There is the almond butter-based Chocolate; Coco Chocolate, also made with almond butter as well as shredded coconut; and Chocolate Peanut Butter with a peanut butter base instead of almond, and added roasted peanuts.

Veego is an Australian brand, and that is where it will be available first; however, it already has several international distributors confirmed to be bringing it in. The newcomer’s impressive global distribution right out of the gate will include the United Arab Emirates, the UK, which usually includes availability to the rest of Europe, and New Zealand.