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Improved Cereal School cereal switches to a blend of monk fruit and allulose

new and improved cereal school

The high protein, keto-friendly functional company The Cereal School, has released a new and improved version of its flagship cereal. After taking in feedback directly from fans and followers, the brand has made a key change to its product. It has switched from relying solely on the sweetener monk fruit to a blend of natural sweeteners.

The Cereal School’s healthy high protein snack now uses a combination of monk fruit and allulose, which is said to address any aftertaste issues customers may have had. All of the other ingredients in the product have remained the same, including its use of milk protein isolate to give it 16g of protein, with still now sugar and 100 calories per bag.

If you head over to The Cereal School’s online store today and purchase any of its seven flavors, including the recently released Apple Pie, you will get the new and improved, allulose version. The brand has maintained the product’s pricing, keeping it at $2.50 per bag when buying 12, through to as low as $1.87 each when buying 48.