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Crunchy puff-style snack from Weider hits the mark in BBQ and Paprika flavors

weider protein crunch

For the third day running, we have details on another new product from the German company Weider, with this one being another on-the-go, functional item. Following on from its compact HZRD pre-workout shot and the peanut and hazelnut sprinkled Yippie Nuts Bar, today is all about the brand’s all-new crispy puff snack, Protein Crunch.

The Weider product is a bag of tasty puff pieces, packed full of protein, similar to Fit Crunch’s Protein Puffs and Snackhouse’s flagship Puffs. Weider’s Protein Crunch comes in two flavors with Western BBQ and Red Paprika, each providing a solid 15g of protein from whey and rice, 22g of carbohydrates with 3.3g of that sugar, and 6.2g of fat, for a total of 208 calories.

While the style and format of the product are along the same lines as those other puffs mentioned, as you can see, that is not the case for its nutrition profile. You do get a good amount of protein with Weider’s newest on-the-go edible; however, the carbohydrates are on the high side, which ends up pushing its calorie count to that rather large 208.

Despite the macros on Weider’s Protein Crunch not being as lean as we’ve seen in its competitors, we have to imagine it’ll make up for the difference with a delicious taste and crunch. If you’d like to give the protein snack a try, it is available now through the brand’s own online store at €2.49 (2.70 USD) per bag or €29.40 (31.90 USD) for a pack of six.

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