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First-ever protein bar looking likely based ANS Performance’s latest teaser

ans performance protein bar

Over the many years it’s been on the market, ANS Performance has expanded into several different areas of the industry from pre-workout and pump, through to protein and keto-friendly formulas. One area that has gone untouched by the Canadian brand is the on-the-go snack or bar market, although it looks like that is all going to change sometime soon.

ANS Performance has dropped a teaser to close out the month of May, featuring an unbranded and unnamed wrapper in a traditional protein bar shape. Based on the lone image, all we’re thinking is the brand is finally coming out with a protein bar, although knowing how creative ANS can be and the directions it’s taken recently, we don’t imagine it being a straightforward product.

The Canadian brand has put a lot of focus on the keto-friendly market over the past couple of years with the likes of its Keto Brownie Mix, Keto Cocoa, and its original Ketosys meal formula. While we do think ANS Performance has a protein bar up its sleeve, we wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of keto twist providing a good amount of protein as well as being high in fat.

More information on ANS Performance’s first real snack-type product is due to be shared soon, and we are definitely excited to see how this one turns out. We always enjoy seeing brands bring their touch and style to the functional market for the first time, so it should be interesting to see what we get from the long-running ANS.