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Apollos continues its string of releases with a standalone quercetin supplement

apollos hegemony quercetin

For the fourth time in the past couple of weeks, we have news of another new product from the up and company Polish supplement company Apollos Hegemony. Following on from news of the brand’s revamped laxogenin product, its two actual flavors for BHB, and the all-new, loaded, full-spectrum EAA amino ReferencEAA, is the simple single-ingredient formula Quercetin.

The Apollos Hegemony supplement features its title ingredient, the antioxidant quercetin, at a dosage of 250mg in each of its 60 capsules. The product and its only ingredient aim to support cardiovascular and immune health. An entire bottle of Apollos Quercetin will last you 30 to 60 days when used as directed, with the supplement now out and available in Europe.