Noway Jelly Collagen Bar promises better texture but with a lot less protein

May 24th, 2020
noway jelly collagen bar

Noway is the name of many items in the ATP Science lineup, including its unique Noway bar, which is a high protein snack made primarily with collagen. The product started as the impressively lean and dairy-free Noway Bar. It eventually evolved into the Noway Mallow Bar featuring a lot of the same highlights, but with a more marshmallow-like consistency and sweeter flavors.

ATP Science has announced another evolution of its collagen-based Noway Bar, introducing the Noway Jelly Collagen Bar. Like the Noway Mallow Bar compared to the original, the Jelly Collagen Bar is said to have a new and improved texture. It does provide less protein than either of its predecessors at 14 to 15g, whereas the Noway Bar had 25 to 27g, and the more recent Mallow Bar had 21g.

The only other detail we know about ATP Science’s upcoming Noway Jelly Collagen Bar is that it’s bringing with it an entirely new set of flavors. While we weren’t overly impressed with the original’s menu and enjoyed the Mallow Bar’s selection a lot more, the Jelly Collagen Bar sounds even better agai . It is due to launch with three flavors in Choc Orange, Turkish Delite, and Choc Licorice.

Turkish Delite is the one we’re most interested in, not only because we’re big fans of it outside the fitness world, but the collagen texture of ATP Science’s bar will play into it perfectly. The Noway Jelly Collagen Bar is not available yet, although for a limited time, for every $50 you spend in the brand’s Australian website, you’ll get one sample of the product, up to a maximum of three.