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Pineapple Express flavor coming tomorrow for Axe and Sledge’s Seventh Gear

axe and sledge pineapple express seventh gear

Since launching its more intense and stimulant heavy pre-workout Seventh Gear, Axe and Sledge has had it available in the same two flavors with Raspberry Lemonade and HWMF (Hard Working Mother F*cker). Tomorrow, just over seven months on from its initial release, the brand is giving fans of Seventh Gear a third flavor to choose from.

The new flavor from Axe and Sledge uses a name we’ve seen from several other supplement companies with MAN Sports being the first, in Pineapple Express. The upcoming product Pineapple Express Seventh Gear is a fruity flavor combining its title taste ‘pineapple’ with mango, still featuring, of course, the pre-workout’s intense pre-workout formula.

As mentioned, Seth Feroce’s Axe and Sledge is launching its third flavor of Seventh Gear tomorrow directly through its website, where the supplement carries a regular price of $46.95 for a tub of 30 servings.